World Food Morocco

World Food Morocco
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Author: Catherine Hanger ISBN: 1864500247 Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications Published: Mar, 2000 Pages: 224

For those who love to live, eat, drink and travel.

The kitchens of Morocco combine European infusion, Arab trade and age-old custom. These elements form a cuisine that reflects a vibrant and lively culture. The essence of Moroccan food -- from spiced couscous to sweet mint tea -- is captured and celebrated in this comprehensive guide. Whether you are travelling the country or expanding your own pantry, Morocco's true culinary spirit is here for the tasting. -- the essential guide to the culture of eating & drinking in Morocco -- exploring cookery as a form of expression for Moroccan women -- the definitive culinary dictionary, quick-reference glossary and useful phrases for every food & drink occasion -- tantalising photography & recipes

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