Viking Coins of England

Viking Coins of England
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Viking Coins of England
Made in the USA and minted from originals, these high quality coins are great for collectors as well as re-enactors and LARP enthusiasts. Set includes 5 replica "silver" pennies minted from originals

The silver penny of East Anglia is a copy of an Anglo-Saxon coin of St Edmund Penny; the front shows Alpha with inscription and the reverse shows a cross with inscription. The link between issuing coins and Christian kingship is clear in the coinage of Viking rulers in England. The coins struck in Viking-held England, called "the Danelaw", carry both Christian and Viking pagan symbols. The Cunnetti silver penny of the Northern Danelaw penny of Cnut shows CNVT REX on the front with a cross and crosslet. The reverse shows EMBRAICE CIVITAS with a small crosslet. The Northern Danelaw penny of Siegfried shows SIEVERT REX on the front with a cross and crosslet while the reverse again shows EMBRAICE CIVITAS in contractions.

Not all designs of Viking coins are exclusively Christian. The Viking coin of Olaf Guthfrithsson of York displays a bird on the front and is inscribed ANLAF CVNVNC (Old Norse for King Olaf). The reverse shows a cross. The bird is often identified as Odin's raven. The front of the York silver penny of Eric Bloodaxe displays ERIC REX in two lines with a sword between. The reverse shows a small cross.

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