Turkish Red Copper Tea Pot

Turkish Red Copper Tea Pot
Item# red-cop-pot-HO186035ff322

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This is a gorgeous designer double teapot with intricate detail handworked throughout.

With tinned copper (inside) and reddish copper (outside) this teapot will not only add an exquisite element to your kitchen and dining decor and accessories, but it will also amaze your visitors when you use this to serve your favorite coffee or tea!

Note: The outside and inside are tinned for food use. When the tin becomes worn with use, the product must be re-tinned before it can be used for food again.

Copper has been worked through millennia and has been transformed into large pans, bowls, plates and other utensils. It has gained unforeseen popularity in Ottoman times due to its ease of cleaning and similarity to silver when tinned. Material: Copper, Tinned Copper, Brass Dimensions: D 4.7" H 10"

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