Tinned Copper Turkish Coffee Pot

Tinned Copper Turkish Coffee Pot
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This beautiful, hand carved tinned copper coffee maker will lend an exotic, functional elegance to your kitchen and coffee making accessories.

Material: Tinned Copper Dimensions: D 3" H 2.9"

How to make Turkish Coffee?

Use one full coffee spoon of Turkish coffee per person Use one coffee cup full of water per person Use sugar as per your taste (half a dessert-spoon per cup recommended)

You start by adding and mixing the coffee, sugar and cold water into a coffee pot. Keep the stove at low until you see foam appear on top of the pot. Pour the foamy part of the coffee into the cup (special Turkish coffe cups recommended - called "fincan").

Then return the pot to the stove and bring the remaining coffee to a boil. Pour the boiling coffee over the cup all the way to the top. Your Turkish coffee is now ready to serve! Afiyet Olsun (Bon Appetite).

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