Sultan's Palace Water Pitcher

 Sultan's Palace Water Pitcher
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This gorgeous pitcher may not be as magical as it looks, but if it could talk, the magical tales it could tell!

Handcrafted by the famous Bozdogan brothers, a pitcher such as this is traditionally used to bathe your guests' hands in warm scented rose or orange blossom water before meals.

This decorative version is a stunning conversation piece and will lend an authentic feel of traditional Arabian artistry to your space.

Decorative only. Material: Tinned Copper Dimensions: 20.1"

Bozdošan Brothers: The leading masters of copperwork in Turkey, the Bozdogan Brothers, learned the technique from their father Mehmet Bozdogan.

Father Bozdogan, born in 1922, continued to use age old techniques making kitchenware until he served in the military in Istanbul during the period of 1942 to 1946, where he was exposed to Ottoman motifs and techniques in the Grand Bazaar and in antique stores.

Starting in 1950, he tried for twelve years to create replicas of these objects and other objects he saw in ethnographic museums in other parts of Turkey. After trying a number of techniques to produce these works with limited success, he went to Syria where he learned techniques for engraving upon which he based his subsequent work.

The Bozdogan Brothers, in addition to copperwork, are also great masters of woodwork. .

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