Small Chaquar Wichi Bag, Argentina

Small Chaquar Wichi Bag, Argentina
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Chaguar is a thorny fibrous plant similar to the yucca. The Wichi Indians of Northern Argentina harvest the chaguar, manually peel and clean the plant and beat it to soften it. The weaver then separates the fiber by hand. Natural dyes made from roots, fruits, seeds, leaves, and bark are used to dye the fiber before the weaver, using wooden needles, weaves the chaguar fabric into patterns from nature including armadillo, snakeskin, and jaguar fur. This small chaguar bag is approximately 8.5 by 7.5 inches with a 36 inch long woven strap and has a zipper at the top. Colors and design will vary but all are beautiful.

Fundacion Silataj works with 26 aboriginal communities from the Argentina provinces of Salta, Formosa, Jujuy and Catamarca. The remaining population of the Wichi ethnic group is sparsely distributed in communities in these provinces. Women weave chaguar fiber dyed with roots, fruits or leaves. Men carve palo santo wood, utilizing dried branches or fallen trees that they collect in the forest. Most Wichi communities still subsist by fishing, hunting, and gathering.

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