Dear Friend,

Many ships have come and gone...many precious Treasures have been bundled and packaged, tucked under a careful arm and carried away to be cherished.

I can feel a warmer breeze coming off the ocean, and as I look down upon the busy docks I am reminded that Summer is almost here!

Here at the Gift Shoppe we are getting ready! We are stocking up on many, many new Treasures!

Take some refreshments from off that table there and come, let me show you!

Let's see, we have added more Turkish & Arabian Treasures that are handmade and gorgeous! Featuring the Turkish Bath, Coffee and Tea Treasures, and Arabian Lanterns and Water Pitchers.

Our Steampunk & Vintage section features Victorian era Sci-fi Contraptions, Accessories and Vintage Clothing to get you fully outfitted for your next Cosplay event.

And our Belly Dance Tent over there.....Watch your step....Duck under....That's it, now stand up. See? I bet you're wondering how they got all this stuff in here! There are so many more Treasures and exotic accoutrements that are being added every day. You really have to just take your time and look at everything!

And so many more...don't forget to check out our "Newest Treasures Off The Dock" section to see what we've added since the last time you were here.

And please remember, we are always here if you need anything. If you have any questions or comments for us, please don't hesitate to contact us. Just send us a message in a bottle to:

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The Treasure Merchants

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