Meerschaum Buffalo King Pipe

Meerschaum Buffalo King Pipe
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This Buffalo King pipe is made from a stone found only in one place in the world.

At nearly a foot long and just shy of six inches high, this impressive pipe is grand and elegant!

Handcrafted and carved of Meerschaum (Lületasi), it is a marvelous stone found only in Eskisehir, Turkey. Known under the name of "sea foam" in Europe, it has a very fine porous texture and white to whitish color.

Due to its natural properties, it is an excellent material for tobacco pipes. Each year, millions of these pipes are exported to Europe or purchased by tourists visiting Turkey.

This is a functioning pipe as well as a collector's precious heirloom Treasure!

Material: Meerschaum 'Lületaşı' Dimensions: L 11.2" H 5.8

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