Glossy Paper Necklace (Short) Kenya

Glossy Paper Necklace (Short) Kenya
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Novel, beautiful, and recycled, it just canít get any better than that. This necklace is made from beads of glossy paper from old calendars and brochures, with glass seed beads interspersed. Varnished to a high-gloss, each paper bead looks like a polished stone or wood. The paper is cut in long triangles and rolled to form the beads ó wide, short strips for narrow beads and long, thin strips for fat beads.

Each necklace varies in length and has a plastic screw-in clasp. An average piece is approximately 22 inches long.

The sign for the Teenage Mothers Association of Kenya (TEMAK) indicates that it is "the last house towards the Obunga slums," the most destitute area of Kisumu. Many of the unwed mothers and young girls who come to TEMAK to learn job skills live in these slums. TEMAK is an organization that offers job training in tailoring, hairdressing, secretarial skills, craft making, and recently computers to unwed mothers, girls, and others in the Obunga slum community. As a community center, the organization also provides the community with an educational forum for HIV/AIDS awareness and other health issues.

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