Damascus:Taste of a City (Armchair Traveler)

Damascus:Taste of a City (Armchair Traveler)
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Author: Marie Fadel ISBN: 1904950302 Translated by: Debra S Marmor Publisher: Haus Publishers Published: 38777 Pages: 309

Seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling and hearing - if you join Rafiq Shami and his sister Marie Fadel on a stroll through their native Damascus, you will discover this Queen of the Orient with all your senses.

Rafiq Shami, award-winning writer and master storyteller, describes the colorful scenes of the old town and relays the stories of its inhabitants overheard in the coffee houses.

Reading his prose one seems to be able to smell the cardamom and the coriander sold in the spice market and hear the cries of street traders.

Inspired by his stories, one can follow his sister Marie Fadel's recipes and recreate the tastes of the Orient.

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